GTA remasters rated 0 5 to Pumpkin criticism The reason is

Buyers (hereinafter referred to as ) released on November 11 (Local Time) (hereinafter referred to as GTA: Trilogy>), is a criticism of the game and requires a refund. Game Rating In Metropolitan Site Meta Citrate, recorded an average of 0.5 points out of 10 from 2644 users. It is 0.1 points than , which recorded the old class low score.

It seems that many bugs, crowned character modeling, overflowing Otto, and non-play phenomena, such as the phenomenon, and various completeness issues have been acts. The disappointment of users seems to be a bigger detail and completion of high-level detail and completeness. In the sense, is a rational tragedy. I looked at it one by one.

Overflowing Oh · Election

It does not directly interfere with play, but it is a problem that the users are making care. It is also an example of showing the completeness of the game.

Users are actively sharing the photos of O Areas, revealed in the game and the poster. AIR Guitar is a specially demanding or frequent word, such as a specially demanding or frequent word, but a lot of errors are found in a basic vocabulary. If you are an English user, you can not afford to sleep.

The users estimate that this problem occurred because the text image resolution improvement was processed by a non-human AI. Due to the lowest resolution of the original, there are a lot of confusing text, which is somewhat confused, which was a bit confirmed, which was recognized as a wacky spell.

Folding modeling

The abrasive character modeling is also a complaint. The arms of the character that were wearing a large coat in the original, as it is expressed as a zigzag in to remaster, and the scene of the abbreviation is noticeable. As with the occurrence of analogue in achievement, it is assumed that the graphical improvement work is carried out to a significant part AI.

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The problem is to be prompted in the face representation of the character, and the original character who had a detailed appearance in the low resolution is reproduced in the same time as the original character, which is the original appearance of the original appearance, and the consumer s throat and the raw are being created at the same time.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Is A HUGE Disappointment

Users are criticizing the image compared to the high quality of to remaster work , which put parody memes on September 20, 20, 2020.

PC version is

The most serious damage is a PC version that purchased a game with a PC version. From the date of the release, PC version users could not play the game properly because of the problem where the Rock Star Games PC launcher became dedicated. As a result, there was a situation where the other game of the LACMA launcher.

Soon Rock was temporarily suspended sales of the PC version and entered the error recovery. About 18 hours later, there are some launcher malfunctions, but the play of other games became possible, but still was not executed.

The problem is that the problem is that it is 8:00 am to 9:00 am to Korea time, about three days. Rock Star is a formal tweeter, You can purchase and play from Rock Star Games Launcher. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Criticism of other problems and comb

In addition, in the dialogue cut scene, the character fingers are long, or the legs on the river are transparently expressed, or the problem of various errors, such as a strangely covering the rain,

The users have a refund, and they are in Lakota. The voice compared to the , which had experienced similar problems at the time of launching, is also great. One user said, Rock star clearly reports the CPR s <Cyber ​​Punk 2077, I must seek a bigger X, I will not keep a bigger x, and I also had a purpose criticism.

Meanwhile, before the release of this Lister version, the fact that Rock Star banned the remaster mode of the users. Last July Rock removed the series remaster mode with a copyright violation according to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Weekly Act) on various sites.

This is a legitimate rights event as a company, but it was a little ridiculous to the user and the content agreed to the past. As a result, the question of the question of the quality of is a criticism of the current madding community, there was no reason to prohibit user mode in the first place.

Famous Mode Maker Ash 735 (ASH 735) is Rocketing Tutu seems to be able to lay the people of the moving community. (Like other companies) instead of using modern, I am confronted with DMCA. The other producer Silent is not a good thing that a lot of people have been in the behavior of Lakota, said the fact that it is like a good thing to say, he said.