NFL Recap Las Vegas Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs 14 41

The Kansas City Chiefs have recaptured the top of the AFC West with a 41: 14 success over the Las Vegas Raiders. While the households seemed took a manner and many mistakes made, especially Patrick Mahomes showed himself into very good shape after weaker appearances.

After some tough playing past weeks, the Chiefs lose well after a breadless first series. In the second drive they crossed 89 yards with numerous short passes and went through an 8-yard touchdown pass from Patrick Mahomes to Tyree Hill.

Then the Chiefs forced the Raiders to another punt. However, the return calculated just Punter A.J. Cole a fumble against Return Mike Hughes and the guts conquered the ball near the centerline. A little later, Derek Carr Hunter Renfrew found for a 6-yard touchdown for compensation.

However, until the break, the Chiefs restored the lead again. First Kicker Harrison Butler made 40 yards, then Mahomes threw his second TD pass to Hill. There were no more points until the break, because Bunkers still spoke a field-goal attempt from 46 yards. Pause level thus 17: 7 Chiefs.

The Raiders then came with force from the pause and found with two big plays the end zone — First, Carr Wide Receiver Day Jones for 22 yards, then Bryan Edwards for a 37-yard touchdown.

Chiefs not to keep in the second half

The Chiefs, however, concluded this with a DRIVE through 13 plays, which manufactured the old distance again. In the end it was the third Tight End of the team, Rookie Noah Gray, who scored a 1-yard touchdown.

Las Vegas then tried again with a Deep Shot — Carry to new retreat Demean Jackson for 40 yards — but this Rashad Benton then hit the ball from his hands and tyrant Mathieu conquered the fumble. This resulted in a Field Goal of Butler from 35 yards. A little later, Carr then made an interception end of the third quarter for preliminary decision.

The lid finally turned on the chiefs then in the following attack series. Punter Tommy Townsend extended the Drive with a Fake Punt Pass and ultimately fired Mahomes a 38-yard touchdown pass to Running Back Darrel Williams, who had scanned on a Wheel route. 34:14 Chiefs with 13 minutes on the clock.

A Punt later, the Chiefs put again and Mahomes threw a 22-yard touchdown pass to Byron Kringle.

Through this success, the Chiefs also take over the leadership in the AFC West due to the defeat of the chargers earlier on the day against the Vikings.

Las Vegas Raiders (5-4) — Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)

Result: 14:41 (0: 7, 7:10, 7:10, 0:14) Box score

Raiders vs. Chiefs — The most important statistics

Mahomes finished the first half with 198 passing yards. 32 yards had brought more than Mahomes in the previous week against the packers total.
Tyree Hill now has 55 Receiving Touchdowns. These are the third people in the franchise history of the Chiefs. He took on Chris Buford and has only Otis Taylor (57) and Hall-of-Famer Tony Gonzalez (76) in front of him.
Darrel Williams 38-yard-touchdown catch had a completion probability of 25.8 percent and a target separation of only 0.3 yards loud next gene stats. That was the slightest separation with a Completion in Mahomes NFL career.

The Star of the Game: Patrick Mahomes (Quarterback, Chiefs)

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Las Vegas Raiders | HIGHLIGHTS | 11/14/2021 | NBC Sports

No, Mahomes (35/50, 406 yes, 5 TD) is still not the old one again — he had Kick that at least two bad passes were not intercepted again and instead dropped — but he did his best game in this season. He was more patient than most recently in the pocket, was less gibbering and was mostly clearly more precise than in recent weeks. Against playing, he then tried Deep Shots, who left him longer.

The flop of the game: The Secondary of the Raiders

Mahomes did not scare no sack, but that is not an indicator of a weak front — the Raiders managed 11 pressures against Mahomes. Rather, the front was abandoned by the Secondary of the Raiders. It fitted pretty little in coverage, the assignment was strange — even in the Red Zone no linebacker should play against Hill in the slot. In addition, it is incomprehensible why the Raiders often tried Coverage against Hill and Hence. Something like this is going wrong, as well as in this game. Particularly noteworthy is Corner back Brandon Jackson, who was the next defender at three of the five TD passports of Mahomes.

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Analysis: Raiders vs. Chiefs — the tactical panel

Something surprisingly, in contrast to numerous previous opponents of the Chiefs, the Raiders did not consistently put on 2-high-looks and Zone Coverage. Instead, a lot was put on MAN Coverage, which led to major problems.

Especially the guard of Tyree Hill fell heavily on the Raiders. They started with Man Coverage against him with Corner back Brandon Jackson. After his interim injury break, the moon took over truant, who could not keep up. Hill s second touchdown launched Hill in the slot and had Linebacker Denzel Ferryman as a direct opponent — but deep in the red zone, so this matchup was more of a special nature. Later, Alyson was allowed to run again, but did not make it much better. Jackson and Truant were specifically searched by Mahomes and ultimately gave four of the five TD passports.

The Chiefs in turn played through man coverage and usually only with single high-looks to have an extra defender in the box. In addition, they showed a flash of lightning, Carr was ultimately not before the break. The heavy boxes in turn paid themselves against the run, which has barely to be able to start at the start of the households.

In the second half we looked again more 2-high-looks from the Chiefs, a consequence of the score. The Raiders were clearly behind and had to put more on the pass. Also, the Chiefs then sent one or the other speed camera, which led to Carr s interception end of the third quarter.