Fortnite says Goodbye to China Epic Games closes Battle servers

Epic Games has closed the Fortnite servers today at China, thus fulfilling with its communiqué a couple of weeks ago where, without giving details, announced the end of a long Battle-Royale beta of the American company in the Asian country.

The Beta test of Fortnite China came to an end and the servers will be closed, warned the company participated by Tencent at the beginning of the month. On November 15 (…) We will turn off the game servers and players can not connect.

As the global information agency AFP, players have encountered the impossibility today of starting in the video game, a fact that they have wanted to comment through their social networks, paying tribute to Tattle-tale. Friends who have played with me, we will find ourselves again if destiny allows it.

Fortnite and its approval in China

Fortnite wird beendet von Epic Games

The Fortnite version for China, as it happens with other games like PUBG, was quite different from the multiplayer action video game that we know in the West, with changes mainly destined to comply with the railroad regulation of Beijing. However, and despite being launched in beta version in 2018, Epic Games never came to have the definitive approval of the authorities for its launch.

In recent months Beijing has hardened its regulations on the sector, reducing the limit of hours of access to video games to minors, at the same time that they have been reported to some games for having inappropriate content, decisions they may have had a lot to see in the definitive decision of Epic Games to give up China for the launch of Fortnite.

Fortnite remains one of the most popular video games on the market, with revenues that reach $9 billion according to May data.