It will connect servers in New World

Hype, Hype and after Hype.

Amazon Games opened a lot of new servers after the New World premiere, so now — when ~~ 70% ~ 75% active users have escaped — you have to balance this somehow. And the best way to fall the population in players titles is… together servers.

Such a merge server is approaching the New World. Here is a fragment of the latest AGS communication:

Server mergers are on the horizon. But what does this actually mean? There are several activities you need to deal before we are sure that the combining worlds will be a positive experience for our players.

We need to test our technology. We tested the merge of worlds in a closed beta, which caused a problem with the durability that was resolved, and we still test merge with our team and private worlds.

We are currently looking at a few things to determine if the world is a candidate for a connection: it is a population size and general commitment.

Tactically worlds are connected to one world. This allows us to improve the connection process by removing the requirement to check multiple characters on the player (that is why only one embodiment is allowed on a global set), as well as checking language recommendations (recommendations are issued at the set level).

But there are more nuances in these connections.


After identifying the world as a candidate for a connection, we compare it with existing worlds, browsing the elements such as the representation of the fraction and the general population in the set to find the most optimal partner world. Although we can not guarantee exact matches, we make every effort to choose worlds to connect that are complementary.

Players on worlds indicated for connection will be informed in advance on the plan. Players with characters on the candidate world will lose their progress (including gold, objects, factions); However, territories will belong to a companion from the partner world. For example, if the world x is confirmed as a candidate for merge, and the Y world will be identified as a partner world:

Players in the world will not be affected, except the inflow of players in the world. The ownership of the World Territory continued after the merger. Companies receive a compensation in the amount of 50,000 coins, which is 3.3 times the costs of the war, for the loss of territorial properties due to world mergers.

Characters from the world are transferred to the world of y — characters, companions, houses, gold and owned items remain intact, but the property of the territory will not last in the new world.

So for the time the function and testing of the servers are underway to connect and which should be intact.

Rather, I would not expect Server Merge this month. Maybe only in the next one, and maybe only after the new year. However, a lot will depend on the falls of NW (75% of active players have already loved and with each week this number increases by another 5%).

Important: New World currently has 485 open servers!