Arcane The new episodes of act 2 are there how do you like you

Arcane, the series to League of Legends on Netflix, has got the second act. Thus, the consequences 4, 5 and 6 were published. We from Mango would like to discuss with you about the content and know how the consequences have arrived at you.

What are that for consequences? Since November 13, Fans of Arcane series can look at Netflix s new episodes. In it, we make a small-time jump and experience the other adventures of characters like Jinx, VI, Silo and Jayce.

Exactly about these 3 episodes we would like to discuss with you here on Mango and know in the comments, which found it especially cool or not so successful. Of course, you may be spoiler at will and also speculate what will happen in Act 3.

Who has not dealt with the series so far, finds a nearly spoiler-free assessment of our editor-in-chief Day Minkowski on Mango? It also emphasizes that you have to have not played LOL at all to understand the series:

Anyone who has not seen the new consequences so far should no longer forward from here, as spoilers will come in the comments, especially in the comments.

The hex tech magic ensures enthusiasm, but Jinx lives in conflict

What s in the new consequences? Episode 4 is especially revolving the rise of Jayce in science. The day of progress is celebrated in Plover, and he should consider talk because his hex tech magic is to trigger a revolution.

On the other hand, however, Jinx stands out, which one knows the pain and madness more and more. She has now made a name for himself with her written style and special grenades.

What do you say about the story? Write it in the comments.

Further details on the characters of the series can be found in this article, which we will adapt to the new episodes during the weekend:

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