New World Players are worried about the combat system

In the forum of New World has been discussed for several days about the combat system of the MMORPG. Trigger is a player who worries in detail that the team of Amazon Game Studios takes some elements of the combat system from Elder Scrolls online.

Controversies Animation Canceling is also available in New World

An issue where the opinions of online role players is always splitting up again and again is the so-called animation-canceling. For example, animations of attacks by performing a new action at the right time are aborted so that experienced players can perform their next attack faster and thus can cause more damage in shorter time.

While animation canning is referred to by many MMO fans as a talent to determine the best players, there is also a group that would rather not see this function. Also in New World there are some ways to cancel attack animations in combat, but only at a small extent.

Please developer, does not make the Battle System of New World like ESO

What to worry about players now: The Amazon developers could make more and more animation canning with updates. In online role-playing games like Elder Scrolls Online this topic is very prominent and is very often used by players. For the fans of New World, that is why Amazon continues to monitor animation carnage and initiates necessary steps, it should be out of control.

Weapon change animations in New World should become more fluid

In the blog, the makers recently announced that the responsibility of weapon change is currently being worked on. The timing for attacks and parades is on the to-do list, so that the general combat system of New World (Buy Now €39.99) feels a little more fluid.

Source: New World Forum (2)

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