October ICT export of 199 billion dollars 22 YoY

The history of technology is the history of the development of devices and techniques as well as is one of the classifications of world history. Technology can describe methods ranging from as basic as stone devices to the complex hereditary engineering and information technology that has emerged because the 1980s. The term technology originates from the Greek word techno, indicating art and also craft, as well as the word logos, suggesting word as well as speech. It was initially used to describe employed arts, however it is now made use of to define innovations as well as modifications which influence the surrounding atmosphere. New understanding has made it possible for people to create new points, and also alternatively, lots of clinical ventures are implemented by innovations which help people in taking a trip to areas they could not formerly get to, as well as by scientific tools whereby we study nature in more detail than our all-natural detects allow.
Considering that much of technology is applied scientific research, technological history is attached to the background of science. Because technology utilizes resources, technical history is snugly attached to financial history. From those resources, technology creates various other sources, consisting of technical artifacts utilized in day-to-day life.
Technological modification affects, and also is affected by, a culture s cultural practices. It is a pressure for economic growth as well as a way to create as well as predict economic, political, armed forces power as well as wide range.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Normal Resources and Science and Technology Information The Department of Information and Communications The Department of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) exports were aggregated by 21.5% of the same period from $1.92 million to $1.92 million.

It is the second-largest earnings among the October exports. I continued to earn a year 5 months since June last year. It showed a two-digit growth rate for seven months.

The Ministry of Industry explained that the non-surface economy has increased, and the exports of the four items of the semiconductor, display, mobile phone, computer and peripherals were all increased.

In particular, the export of semiconductor exports exceeded $1.5 billion in the year of October this year. I exceeded $1,200 billion last year, so I exceeded $1.5 billion for two consecutive years. October, the export of semiconductor exports increased by 28.4% from $11.23 million last year. I laughed at $10 billion per month for six consecutive months since May. Memory semiconductor exports increase by 28.1% to $6.955 million, and system semiconductor exports increased by 32.3% to 3,730 million dollars. Mobile and server demand increased well while the memory semiconductor was sold well. Demand for consignment (foundry) is also expanded, and system semiconductor exports were $3 billion in six months.

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Last month, the display exported 2.24 billion dollars that were 5.8% bereaved than a year ago. It increases for a year and two months. Among them, the organic light emitting diode (OLED) exploration is 8.7%, which has increased by 8.7%. From the beginning to October, OLED exports have already exceeded $11.62 million to $10 billion from 2018 to $11.6 million. The Industrial Department analyzed the OLED TV market and has been developed to have a luxurious smartphone.

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October, the export of mobile phones is $1.7.41, a year and 130 million dollars. On July 4 consecutive months. The Ministry of Industry has evaluated that the demand for smartphones and high value-added components increased.

The export of computer and peripherals jumped 48.6% to $149 million. The peripheral exporter, including the auxiliary memory device, has increased by 55.4% by $1280 million.