GTA 5 Twitch Streamer is banned because of sex violation wants German server

Data 5 is there a German RPG server, Lucky. The server is operated by Dennis Heideltraut Worth. A German Twitch Streamer, Justus Hunker, was banned by the server and in the episode now wants to collect money to sue the operator.

What is this for a server?

GTA 5 has been experiencing a big upswing on Twitch for several months: Behind it are privately powered role-playing servers. In the US is No pixel leader, there are US streamers such as Sodapop or the rogue QC their adventure. They play on the server robber and policeman or operate a burger chain.
In Germany, the streamer and YouTuber Dennis Worth has launched the server Lucky. This is considered a hardcore GTA RP server. While most major German streamers like Montana black or Try macs play on the server Immortal, Lucky is the greatest Heideltraut Streamer, which is the operator Dennis With itself.
On the server there was now an oblique incident: a fermenting dispute between value and a streamer escalated.

Streamer is banned because it looked as masturbate his figure in the game

The trigger strife : One of the streamer there, Justus Hunker, plays a prosecutor on the GTA server. From his view he became on 24.09. Disregarded from the server.

According to his depiction, that was a gigantic misunderstanding. He put his game figure in front of a poster that showed an attractive woman, said Take him in his hand, Ariane, then blown on a black screen to finish his stream.

But the boss of the server, Dennis Worth, have misunderstood the curiously and interpreted as if the streamer implies, he masturbates now on the person on the poster. The streamer was then banned by the server for 5 days.

Streamer annoys about DMCA strike against his video

Thus escalated the dispute: On the day later, Worth dealt with the incident in his own stream. But that propagated the Tanned Twitch Stream. Hunker calls the video of Worth intentionally wrong and tendencies.

Hunker in turn wrote a video, where he took on the statements of value.

After presentation of the streamer, Worth was able to take this video from the network via a DMCA strike. The Streamer Justus Hunker is obviously extremely annoyed.

A DMCA strike means that you can praise a user to upload content on which he does not have copyright. The platform is obliged to take the content offline.

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Streamer is banned by law by Twitch

This is how it works now : For Worth, the matter has been over since the end of September. One clarified the thing that strike is back, and the thing was actually finished.

But then the quarrel boiled up again: Worth then wanted the streamer a lot of success and finally completed him from the server (Via Twitter). Obviously he was sorry to rum around with the streamer who threatened with complaints.

The streamer Justus Hunker in his part is still fully engaged. He looks completely unfairly treated and driving. He raises securities to censor him by blocking his content unlawfully. Justus Hunker tries to establish the hash day Generate — but so far without success.

He now collects donations to submit a lawsuit against value against a US court. According to his information, he already received €2,850 for the action.

Ironically, he has brought him trouble now: as Hunker announces on Twitter, he is now banned by Twitch on November 10 — because of participation in sexual actions.

You can assume that the extra attention has fallen into the case, now Twitch has paid attention to the poster injury, which is already a few weeks ago.

Apparently, Twitch from the poster incident has pulled the same conclusions as a value.

Server operator says he is 31 and wondering with what he has to go around

How to react Worth? Also, Worth has now been commented on the incidents of the end of September on 10 November. He says he leaves the case his lawyers (Via Twitter). He will not say anything about the incident. But he hopes that people who donate for the lawsuit think about it.

Worth had said at the end of September that he was surprised by what he has to deal with the GTA server. He is now 31 and will often be insulted and attacked. The GTA community is a strange scene (Via Twitter).

The role-playing game in GTA is really strange. This experience also had to make the streamer QC:

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