Rodlerin Natalie Geisenberger complains insulation in Beijing

We have just learned that we ll be detained tomorrow! That means: not out of the room, no way to eat something more reasonable, again late in the evening training, without train maintenance!, Filed the 33-year-old on Thursday On Instagram.

Currently, the best German rodents are in China to test the conditions there. On 20 and 21 November, the prelude to the Toggle World Cup should be made on this course.

During the training days, the German Roller must remain quarantined in your hotel. We have seven days exclusively negative cognates in our team (all season we did not have a single positive case!), Not a single contact to a positive tested! Heisenberg reported with anger in the stomach and continues: Correct time lists we have Not to get after training, the times are scrambled wildly! And we do not even find out the reason why we have to be treated and allowing everything about us!

Too close to positive tested person?

As a reason for isolation, the team had been mentioned that the athletes had sat too close to a positively tested person in the plane according to their tickets. But they could not have sitting on these squares because the cargo space had been overcrowded and therefore have been stored at their seats suitcases, wrote the tobogganing and as evidence was a photo with suitcases in the passenger room next to it.

Natalie Geisenberger - Rennrodel-WM Königssee 2016
Heisenberg also criticized the situation in the hotel. Only from the room, if train is not really reasonable food in plastic cups and bags in front of the door, have no way to move, she posted. Love Film, you can call us the reasons, she turned to the World Association with her help.