Experiment Game Festival Out of Index Opens in December

Game events that illuminate experimental games Out of Index (hereinafter referred to as OSI) will be held online on December 11.

OSI is a game event that focuses on the creation and experimentation of developers than marketability and popularity. I started in 2014 and celebrated the 7th round this year, and the game developer and the participant are interacting with the selection display.

This year, considering the circumstances of Corona 19, OSI planning team, which consists of domestic game developers, organizes the event. The planning team picked six games this year.

Selection can be experienced in OSI 2021, which is on December 11 online. If you receive a demo version or play or provide demo, you can operate an online experience booth that can be remotely connected. In addition, the Internet broadcasting platform on the day of the event, a Q & A, selecting review, and a game play of personalized broadcasters, and the players of personalized broadcasters are transmitted.

Broadcasting is available for anyone, and some remote experience booth connections and some remote experiential booth connections are held only on OSI 2021 crowdfunding projects, which will proceed to November 14.

Out Of Index: Making one and only experimental game festival

Details can be found on the OSI official website.