Borderlands 2 Tiny Tinas DLC becomes a standalone

Since the PlayStation Showcase in September, it is known that Tiny Tina s Wonderlands will appear on March 25, 2022. To bridge the waiting time for fans, Publisher 2K and Developer Studio Gearbox Software have made something special. Tiny Tina s Storm The dragon fortress is one of the most popular DLC from Borderlands 2 and not only available as a stand-alone game since this week, but also free of charge.

Tiny Tina s Assault on Dragons Keep Free

The stand-alone game Tiny Tina s storm on the dragon fortress has been available since yesterday on almost all common platforms. You get Tiny Tina s crazy adventure but only available for download only in the Epic Games Store. On the PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Series X | S, as well as Steam an amount of 9.99 euros is required.

In addition, the title is also available for a limited time free of charge from EPIC Games. The free offer ends on 16.11.2021 at 5 pm.

What awaits you in Tiny Tina s Stand-alone Game?

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The Wonderlands one-shot adventure is as mentioned in a Borderland 2 DLC from 2013, that was converted into an independent game. You would therefore not have Borderlands 2 to play the title.

As in the original Tina meets with a few friends for a game of bunkers and badasses, a tabletop role-playing game, in which the players then completely dip. The Tina indicates the sound changes the world as she tells the story. Tina adds characters and changes the appearance of places while moving them through them, making the adventure a highly unpredictable event.

The game is now serving as a prelude to Tiny Tina s Wonderlands (Buy Now €53.99) and is especially interesting for newcomers. Borderland fans who have played the extension from 2013 will not find much new. The only innovation that Gearbox built are namely new loot and cosmetic items. You can see the Launch Trailer for the Wonderlands One-Shot and decide whether the adventure is worthwhile for you.

Did you play Tiny Tina s storm on the dragon fortress already as Borderlands 2 extension? What do you think about the new edition?

From Dina Makovich
10.11.2021 at 12:43