Core Gamer Life Starting with 84 year old

The tweets posted by Amaze have attracted great attention from people including game fans.

In the tweets that became a topic, an image with a note paper written by Pokémon GO data is attached, and its writing condition is considerable density. Both are considered to mention information about the content trainer battle in the game.

The number of sheets of memo sheet is lightly exceeded 10 sheets, and the passion that checked carefully is a word of a masterpiece. However, the amazing point is not only its heat. This memo paper spells a number of rich information is that Mr. Amaze is Wake A grandfather who woke up at Pokémon at age 84.

Moreover, when I asked the story, Mr. Amaze s grandfather (hereinafter referred to as Grandpa) has never played a computer game, but it will be in the first time in the 80s, I will continue playing with Pokémon GO and I will continue to play. It is a pattern.

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From the people who saw an enthusiastic capture memo that the grandfather written down, there are many praise voices for that enthusiasm, and Like exceeded 15.6 million (as of November 8th at 12 o clock). Some people who were excused by the eager, as well as comments that the elderly family enjoys Pokémon, etc. I m showing it.

By the way, the grandfather started Pokémon GO that his son (not the father of Mr. Amaze, but the person who hit his uncle) was played. Also, the play start date is July 23, 2016, and is as early as possible. It is July 22, 2016, that the official service of Pokémon GO began in Japan, so it may be said to be one of the initial players.

On the other hand, it was relatively recently that the trainer battle that was in this memo writing is relatively recently, and the play period is less than one year. Not a so-called Ga chi, saying, Not strong, says, Not strong. It may be placed on the process of thinking if you can win more than the victory and defeat itself.

By the way, the composition in each league of Trainer Battle is the Super League Char Rem Diego his Marius or Char Rem Chart List Lies. Hyper League seems to have many Grating Mel metal or Tee Kiss Lagrange and Master League, Di alga Te Ge kiss Variation or Kirk Armand Tree, or Di alga Te Ge kiss Merced.

Such a grandfather favorite Pokémon is Variation and Large. It is also familiar with the league configuration, and it can be seen that you are trusted.

Since I go on a bicycle to collect Pokémon, I think that I think that it is contributing to the health side. In addition, in preparation for the match with other players, we remember the partner who can fit the hand-held Pokémon, and even 40 people who are disadvantaged, and make prevention prevention prevention because they try to respond instantly and respond. It is also true for perfect. By the way, the number of battles to do one day is 25 battles. In addition to enthusiastic research, practical experience is also quite rich.

The first time I touched the game for the first time in the game and collected many interests and sympathy with the place style of Pokémon GO full of enthusiasm. When I asked Mr. Amaze, who is the main impression of the person, I heard that it was an effort from the time of young. I am very respected, and I think seriously, I think seriously I had a comment. Her serious care is also linked to Pokémon GO play.

In addition, When mobile phones began to spread as soon as they started to use, they are listening from Mother, Grandmother, but it is looking at YouTube from the morning, so it s new like a modern young man There is an impression that tries to get in and fucked more and more.

For example, there are also people who are still a 20- and starting with this age… and there is also a waist. If the age goes up, it is often also possible to see the percentage of being caught in these ideas and seeking new opportunities to learn. However, if you look at the person who continues to get tired like this grandfather, it will be reminded again with the shortest way to start from now.

By the way, not only my grandfather, but also the wife (grandmother s grandmother) is also playing Pokémon GO, and it is also possible to go out to find Pokémon together with a couple. All things face each other, share that joy with someone.