FC Bayern trembles all hopes away Horror for the SC Freiburg and the league

Next top game for FC Bayern Munich and again the competition hopes for a Patter: But the likes do not the German record champion does not do the rest of the Bundesliga. First with power, then with difficulty the SC Freiburg is made out of the way. Nevertheless, the club succeeds remarkable.

Who would be Bavaria if he did not always have the best answer? Well, this question can be sorted on the filing stack of unprocessed things for the time being very far below. For against all the hopes of the competition that this would have been so stumbling for years so dominant club from Munich in a top game, please finally stumble the crew of coach Julian Nagelsmann all these desires simply.

But after all, one thing is different on this Saturday afternoon than usual: the SC Freiburg, the table reciprocity (!), Not pays off. Many other opponents do that. Last only Bayer Leverkusen, which was embarrassed as a highly bound challenger with 5: 1. But this Munichs club from Freiburg, he defends himself. And if the relentable men of Christian prank have achieved a less early the connection goal…

Well, love conjunctive. Nothing is superfluous in football. The 1: 2 at the 1: 2 defeat in the sold-out Allianz Arena (2G for the visitors) fell only in the third minute of replay time. Although there were another 180 seconds to play, in which the passionate Brasher did not find the way to, let alone in the Munich gate. However, the guests had packed the record champions in a spectacular final phase at the Bastille.

FC Bayern hardly stop

Two great opportunities of the Munichs club had to defuse goalkeeper Manuel new. And he did that how Manuel new does something like that. With very strong parades. Is always good if the titan takes his role as titanium. And so Christian Stretch annoyed a little. If, yes, if his team a little earlier on 1: 2…

Well, love conjunctive. Nothing is. Now it would probably have given very different interpretations about whether a dot division would have been deserved in this duel. Sorry, we re back in the Was-if writing. FC Bayern won this game. Because he can rely on the fact that his premium offensive is always able to ignite the unique Turbo and thus overwhelming every opponent.

Although the power of the dominance against the Freiburg unfolded much rather than against many other opponents in the past few weeks (except the inexplicable Cup Disaster at Borussia Mönchengladbach times), but when the missiles Alphonso Davies, Leroy Sané or Kingsley Coman Tighten the pace, then there is hardly a probate opposite. Nationally not. But also internationally not.

Just overwhelmed

And so both Munich goals were created after the arrow-fast combination game. The 1-0 by the outstanding international Leon Goretzka fell through the middle, involved, inter alia, Thomas Müller. And at the second goal, of course superstore Robert Lewandowski had to achieve because he always meets against Sc Freiburg (among other things, in the past season, he had set the Eternal 40 Goal Record of Herd Müller in Reagan), Davies and Seine had theirs Rear players with flash-like actions briefly overwhelmed.

These genius of the individual were on this Saturday in an intense and exciting duel of the difference. That makes us out that we are top at all positions, Gretzky ruled over the individual class in the Munich squad.

There is not much to add there. An example: During the ever-fighting and always dangerous center-tower Lucas Hole, some media already want to write to Hans Flick in the DFB team, which coach strike displeases ( Take care of Bayern, Dortmund and the others — and let our boys rest ), early in the game a magnificent chance for a mistake of Joshua Gimmick awarded, because he took, Gretzky used a similar situation to the leadership (30th).

There were moments in which prank hound with this quality difference. But in the end he knew the realities in the square already very serious to assess. As well as always. More than we did, we can not do.

Ball hard message to Bayern bosses

And that was just a lot of how they had recognized at FC Bayern. We played against a good team, Gretzky said after this force. He was needed so as not to go back to the international leadership with a bribing negative extent. That had been the case in October, the FC Bayern was at Eintracht Frankfurt — precisely: Tor wart Kevin Trap failed (1: 2). And coach Nagelsmann acquaintances: I m glad that the goal has fallen so late.

So the poster looked out the Bavaria fans

In fact, amazing things had occurred on the sideline in the long minutes before the final whistle. Nagelsmann Time up and down (okay, that s not amazing), but again and again he showed after the hit of Janis Haber er (the substitute Tanguy Lanzhou did not look good) at his watch.

That a Munich coach against the Munichs club the final whistle inherit the final whistle, which is really not too often before. But so noteworthy courageously the performance of the guests was, as bad is their record in the Allianz Arena: There are now in 22 games in addition to three draws also 19 bankruptcies in the league chronicle. A horror.

Incidentally, the bosses of the record champion experienced the bosses of the record champion for a few days after Halloween. The fans had stopped a poster with a blood criticism at Lubbock Oliver Khan and President Herbert Gainer. We wash everything for money, stood on the huge banner. Under the lettering, the mighty were to see next to a washing machine with the inscription FCB AG when washing blood-grammed clothes.

In Khan s left hand was a suitcase full of money with the inscription You can rely on us (you can rely on us). The followers of Bayern have been protesting against the business relationships of their club with the injustice state of Qatar. In the host country of the World Cup 2022, the Munich regularly completes her training camp in winter. In addition, the airline Qatar Airways has been a big sponsor for several years.

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