Battlefield 2042 Preload

After the supposed download size of the PS5 version from Battlefield 2042 and the alleged start date of the Preloads in the network have appeared, DICE has now officially reported speaking and the official preload data announced. We do not know the download sizes (yet).

Battlefield 2042 Beta Requirements, Preload Download Times & More!
Battlefield 2042 — Start and time of Preloads

Xbox Series X / S + Xbox One \ — November 6, at 8 o clock German time
PS4 + PS5 \ — November 10, at 0 o clock German time
PC \ — November 10, at 11am German time
Release of the final game: 19 . November 2021, at 9 o clock German time

Fresh gameplay to Battlefield 2042 you can see in this trailer:

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Battlefield 2042 — How to play in the Early Access

With Early Access you can overthrow you a week before the official release of Battlefield 2042 on the battlefields.

How do I deal with? You need an active subscription at EA Play for the preliminary discount. Since the service is included in the Game Pass Ultimate, you can conveniently also play as GP Ultimate members earlier. Incidentally, the same applies to pre-ordering the Gold Edition or Ultimate Edition. (Via EA )

Here you will find the exact data for preload and preload:

Date: 12 . November 2021
Start time: 9 o clock German time

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Preload: 10 . November, at 19 o clock German time
Playing time: You can play all modes for 10 hours

What can I play? All modes limited to ten hours.

When will Battlefield appear 2042? All others are allowed to start a week later, from November 19th. Battlefield 2042 appears for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC.

Do you have started the preload? And on which platform is still pocking?