Uwe Seeler becomes 85 a no made a memorial from the footballer

Uwe Seeler – his modest way, his use in the square and a no made a memorial from the footballer. On Friday he will be 85 years old.

Uwe Seeler is already looking forward to. The big sause for his 85th birthday must be, while Uwe should say, but of course his Ilka conjures him one of his body restaurants – roulades and red cabbage. The most beautiful thing there is in the world is to be normal, Seeler said once the SID – and this is also true for the food for the Football Idol.

Everything but normal is the time around his birthday for souls on Friday. He, who likes to go among people who loves the Klönschnack and has so much to tell, had to cancel all the official appointments. Uwe does not feel well, Ilka Seeler said to the SID: The location is not critical, but the doctor has urged him to say. It is celebrated only at home in the narrowest family circle, with the three daughters, the seven grandchildren and the great-greatin.

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Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier honored Seeler as a athlete legend and unique personality of German football. In a letter he also wrote: With everything glory and all popularity, they have always remained faithful.

Take things easy? Who knows Seeler, who knows how hard him falls. He never spared his life s life. Only on the square. For Germany and the Hamburg SV, the attacker has always been fully enclosed, the sleeves raised, fought, blushed.

And the famous no to Inter Milan, Seeler finally made a legend, but she did not merely closed him in his hearts in Hamburg. Then after the career. Seeler remained a star to touch, always appealable, always friendly and never lying around a ceiling. Us uwe just.

Seeler sayings: We stand with the back in the wall

Uwe Seeler for health retracts: looked like Quasimodo

Old will be nothing for cowards, Seeler naves to say for a few years. The problems will also be no less in the Hamburg honorary citizen. For some time, Seeler has to restrict again and again. In 2020, the Vice World Champion suffered a hip fracture in a heavy fall, he got an artificial hip used.

He also make the consequences of a non-naughty car accident from eleven years ago, he plagues back problems, on the right ear Seeler does not listen anymore, and he complains about equilibrium problems. In 2017, he was successfully used a pacemaker, most recently he stumbled at home and landed with his face in the coffee service, the blood poured. I looked like Quasimodo, he said then the Morgenpost Hamburg mail.

Seeler went better relatively quickly, but at the weekend he could not be there when the ndr in honor of him in honor of a movie ( Uwe Seeler – one of us: the football legend is introduced 85 ). We still have that much before us, sometimes we do not know if we do that, says Ilka, married to her mouse Uwe for over 60 years, in it. A few more years I would like to do, said Seeler.

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Inevitably, especially since his good buddy Gerd Muller are also used Seeler thought of death high, this year has died. Before that can run any It s the way we all go again. He told the newspaper Bild. A great desire has Seeler but still in his life. And of course, concerns the HSV: That would be the greatest of all for me if I could live to see the promotion to the Bundesliga.