For EA NFTs and Blockchain technology are the future of the videogame industry

It is everywhere and, although we would like to avoid it by all means, surely we heard about it. Cryptomoneds, NFT and Blockchain technology are a reality that lives before us, and videogames are entering strongly, at least in the future plans of companies. Do not check the interest of Ubisoft, and now we see it with Electronic Arts.

During the presentation of earnings this week, the Executive Director of EA has been interested in NFTs and Blockchain technology, which he considers part of the industry s future. In addition, he has referred to the so-called PLAY-TO-EARN, a model that rewards the users pockets and increases the value of spending time playing.

It is still early to find out how Andrew Wilson, EA executive director is going to work Anything that attracts more people and involves them for longer in entertainment is something good, says Andrew Wilson. I think it s still early for a conversation about the play-to-earn or the NFTs […] I think they ll be an important part of the future of our industry, but it s still early to find out how it s going to work.

NFTs And Play To Earn Are The Future Of Gaming States EA CEO
EA will continue to focus, therefore, in its current strategy, but with an eye pending how the success of the collective digital content evolves. NFTs have been news in the world of videogames in more than one and two times, and even Steam and Epic Games Store have been faced by them by having different ways of perceiving them.