Animal Crossing Turkey Day Guide All items and DIY

Animal Crossing: New Horizons This year will probably organize another Turkey day event on Thanksgiving to provide the players an unforgettable day next to their real celebrations. Last year, the event took place on November 26th from 9am to midnight. This year, Data Minern is rumored that there will be another date and time for the event where player can only participate in Thanksgiving at the event. The Wildwechsel The Turkey Day brings new recipes to cook, DIY recipes as well as items and rewards to collect. In this guide article you will learn everything you have about the upcoming event in. Knowledge Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

How to start the Animal Crossing Turkey Day Event and the changes to your island

It is rumored that Turkey day takes place on 25 November from 6:00 to 22:00. Players will witness how the event character Franklin The Turkey appears on their island near Resident Services. There will be a cape near the emotional Turkey character and together with this; Decorations representing the event will be set up nearby.

The villagers of their island set hats, wear plates and drinks and meet on the square. It will also give Thanksgiving music that starts playing on the island.

The main premise of the event is the cooking of Thanksgiving dishes. If you talk to Franklin, you will receive recipe instructions for the unique Thanksgiving dishes of your player. There are a total of four dishes and players can collect the recipe ingredients throughout the island through a variety of activities such as diving and material search.

The slightly more difficult ingredients could be traded with the villagers in their homes. They are missed by the villagers by selling fish in their houses. After gathering all recipe ingredients, they can be brought to Franklin, which prepares the great dishes.

The Event DIY recipes and article

DataMiners have made their way to find information about the event for 2021, and observations have been made to the changes that are present at the event, including a change in the actual event day. It should be noted that the DIY recipes can be restored while the items are event-specific that franklin provides you. Here is the list of items and DIY recipes that you can earn as a player on 25 November:

DIY recipes:

Turkey Day Decorations – Requires 1 piece Tone, 2 softwood and 5 weed lumps
Turkey Day Peace – 5 Iron Nuggets, 1 Sound
Turkey daily garden stand – 3 tone, 8 stone
Turkey Day Wheat Decor – 10 Weed Lumps
Turkey day cooker – 1 campfire, 30 stones, 10 tone
Turkey day table setting – 4 tone, 2 iron nugget
Turkey Day Chair – 5 wood, 2 hardwood, 2 softwood
Turkey day table – 10 hardwood, 5 softwood

Article on Turkey s Day:

Turkey daily wall
Flooring for Turkey s Day
Turkey day carpet

These are all articles and DIY recipes available on the event Animal Crossing: New Horizons Celebration?

Animal Crossing New Horizons: ALL TURKEY DAY ITEMS and BONUS DIY RECIPE (ACNH Event Guide & Details)

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