The creators of The Hong Kong Massacre work on an FPS

The Cinematographic Shooter The Hong Kong Massacre left a very good idea, but had several big defects. Richical content, a certain lack of ideas and a repetitiveness that settles quite quickly, certainly, but especially: it was not an FPS. It falls well, because they come back with a game in the first person who seems to resume the inspirations John Woo-esques of their first game. We hope you like particles and volumetric smoke, because you will have for your money.

The project has no name yet, but Vreski s Twitter account has been flooded with GIFs and videos for several months. The one who is done for the moment call untilled fps is revealed as a first-person shooting game visually very close to The Hong Kong Massacre, judging by the tons of particle effects and Volumetric smoke that flood the screen at the slightest shot. Difficult to know at the moment in which direction will the project leave and what will be the result mouse in hand, but the few videos broadcast so far suggest urban shootings, on roofs of buildings or in underground car park. And a big emphasis on idling, possibly activatable on the fly as was the case in The Hong Kong Massacre.

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Untitled FPS From Hong Kong Massacre Developers Is.... WOW!!!
We obviously cross the fingers so that there is any substance and the content behind all these visual effects, but it will probably still have to wait a short time before having a clear heart. The game has no name yet, so do not hope to see an output date or the platforms advertised soon.