Gravity Ragnarok V Resurrection Facebook Fan 500 000

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Gravity announced on the 13th that the fans and followers of the official Facebook page of the official Facebook page of the Lagranoque V: Resurrection.

In the meantime, Ragnarok, known as Ragnarok Project S, resurrected, confirmed this recent formal name. The V of the game is reflecting the worldview of the game with the Valkyrie.

This game is the follow-up of the Ragnarok Valkyrie s rebellion, which is the Gravity Neosian. Ragnarok Valkyrie s rebellion has been served in the global area for over 6 years from May 2012 to January 2019, and a total of 5 million people played.

Screamfest Burton - Resurrected Vlog 17th October 2021

Ragnarok V: Resurrection also conducted global private tests (CBT), conducted on official Facebook pages from June 22 to 7 days and verifies game performance.

Gravity side said, Ragnarok V: Thank you for your interests and support for users on the resurrection. I am trying to find it as a highest game to meet expectations, he said, In the future, not only game information I will continue to communicate with you, and I would like to ask for a continuous interest.

Meanwhile, Gravity plans to resurrection to the resurrection in the first half of 2022, and will lead to domestic services within 2022. English game name is also released soon.