Netmarble Cacao and hand holding meta bus market

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Netmarble established a strategic partnership (representative sestee) established by Netmabble F & A, established by Netmarble F & A, established a strategic partnership for Cacao Entertainment (Representative Binary, Kim Sungsoo) and Meta Human Technology and Entertainment Synergy. I was released through.

Cacao Entertainment acquires 8,000 shares of the new issuance of metaverse entertainment in a third party assignment through the capital increase. It is 12 billion won.

With this investment, the meta human technology and the entertainment capabilities of Cacao Entertainment, and the Kakao Entertainment, and the know-how, have met and expect a variety of collaboration and synergies. In addition, it is expected that global targets will accelerate to the development of global targets and metabus content.

The start of the metaverse project of both companies is the K popbutual idol group. Metabus entertainment, which is currently under development, is a plan to show idol groups consisting of a unique worldview and a populated character next year.

We are encourishing a big celebration of the domestic entertainment of the domestic enterprise, said Metropolitan Statement, I expect to be able to join the biggest partner for a big celebration of the domestic enterprise industry, and it is expected to be a great help in future business development. And plans to focus on the development of metaverse content.

Lee Jin-soo Cacao Entertainment, said, The best character production capabilities of Netmarble F &N and the Global Value Chain of Cacao Entertainment, will be able to make another break on a new world, and a new world, said Global Entertainment Market I will not stop the challenge to do.

Meanwhile, Netmarble F & A has established a 100% stake in August, established a subsidiary metabus entertainment, a virtual reality platform development and a virtual reality platform development and a virtual idol management.