WMADID MIR 4 Global concurrent users exceeded 800 000

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[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] The Wemoid (Representative Jang Hyun Buk) announced on the 14th that the Global Mir 4 globally exceeded 800,000 concurrent users.

The number of concurrent users responds to WMADID 800,000. The Legend of Wemoid Mir s Legend 2 is the first time in the world s first simultaneous number of concurrent users in 2005, it is listed on the Guinness Book and is due to the Chinese national game.

WMADIDII has introduced MIR 4 Global in 12 languages, based on commercial success in November last November, MIR 4, MIR 4 global. Global versions can experience blockchain technology through utility coin Draco (Draco) and Non-Fungible token .

At the time of global version of the launch, we started the service to 8 Asian servers, two European servers, and one of the North American servers, and then the number of users increased sharply, and only the total number of servers increased in 36 days of formal service.

Then the users continue to add servers, they are continuously adding servers to 64, 64 Indian servers, 6 European servers, 13 South America servers, and 32 North American servers, and 32 servers.

Mir 4, which is combined with Wi-Mix, Mir 4, said Jang Hyun Buk, said, Mir 4, which combined with WiMix, is changing the global game market paradigm, he said, he said, he said, he said.