PlayStation on PC All games so far what can be the following

God of War will reach PC next January 14. Sony makes the premiere official not only a great success of the Playstation Studios portfolio to Steam and Epic Games Store, but also the incorporation of one of the company s most recognizable icons. Because Days Gone and Horizon: Zero Dawn were just a notice of what is to come . We reviewed all confirmed PS4 and PS5 computer games at the moment and we Epic Gamesk ourselves what the following can be.

All PlayStation games confirmed on PC until now

We begin by information. So far, these are the games available or with computer-confirmed date from PlayStation, all PS4 natives:

Horizon Zero Dawn

Days Gone.
Uncharted: Legacy of the Thieves Collection
God of War

Already in the pEpic Gamest, works like Detroit: Become Human, Journey, Beyond: Two Souls or Death Stranding have ventured into the PC sector; But no matter how much for a certain time they have been exclusive to PlayStation consoles, they are not really PlayStation Studios productions.

The four previous cEpic Gameses are very different because they suppose the opening of the Japanese firm to bring their licenses to an environment alien to the PlayStation consoles. For example, it is Epic Games if Nintendo decided to take Zelda or Mario to Computer; Instead of losing the exclusivity of titles such Epic Games Octopath Traveler, initially only available in Nintendo Switch.

It all started in August 2020 with Horizon, a movement that caught us all by surprise and that allowed us to glimpse a less closed future for the Japanese giant. Then came the lEpic Gamest of Sony Bend Studio, both with severe technical improvements and compatibility with ultrapanoramic support. The purchEpic Gamese of Nixess, an expert study in PC games ports with experience in works by Crystal Dynamics, it wEpic Games nothing but an indication rather than this wEpic Games only starting. And so it is.

In the PlayStation ShowcEpic Gamese this year, Uncharted wEpic Games confirmed: Legacy of the Thieves Collection, which will include the fourth installment of the series and the title Standalone Uncharted: the lost legacy. First it will come out on PS5, then on PC of the hand of Iron Galaxy. Before that premiere will be kratos turn. The one of the year 2018 will ceEpic Gamese to be exclusive to PS4 and will clear its computer quality on January 14.

DAYS GONE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (PS4 Pro)
What games will the following be?

Jim Ryan wants to reach tens of millions of people , something that will only be possible if the borders of the PlayStation universe are definitively opened with premieres at PC once a few months after their departure on PS4 or PS5. In addition, Premieres on PC help to make profitable projects .

If we stick to sales, commercial performance, the first names that come to mind are The LEpic Gamest of Us Part II , which sold 4 million copies in its first week; Gran Turismo Sport , which sums more than 8 million copies since its launch; or ghost of tsushima , a fan favourite , the new Sony IP more quickly sold with more than 6.5 million copies in its first weeks. And Marvel s Spider-Man? Maybe it s more complicated for licensing reEpic Gamesons, but we do not rule out it.