PS5 receives new update of your firmware even if you do not expect great changes in the console

The software team of PLAYSTATION does not rest and presents a new update for the PS5 firmware today. The changes are minimal this time, and are limited to improvements in the stability of the new generation console as well as solving different failures that may have generated the previous patch.

The download to jump to version 21.02-04.03.00 of the PlayStation 5 firmware is, in fact, quite scarce in size, just 913.7 MB Indicates Sony, normal in this Class of updates to improve system performance.

This patch arrives just one week after another discharge of hardware performance improvement, and one month after, this yes, a great update of PS5, which included newly expected news by PlayStation 5 users, with features for the improvement of The user experience, the customization of options, 3D audio for TV with integrated speakers and an expansion of SSD M.2 storage. In addition, a better behavior was also reported in some games.

A promising future in updates

At the moment it is unknown when the next great update of PlayStation 5 will arrive, although from Sony s team they ensure interesting, exciting and fantastic ideas to apply in the next firmware reviews, thus wanting to change the chip in front of the generation of PS4 .

Meanwhile, the sales of the console are still at a good pace despite the problems of shortages of units in stores. The last featured data arrived from the United States, where it exceeded the last month to Nintendo Switch as a best-selling console.