Rockstar Games GTA Online Special Package Sales Compensation 2 times

[Kids News 24 Kim Moon-ki] Rock Star Games announced on the 8th that GTA offers double rewards in the GTA online special package sales and provides additional compensation in various content.

Up to 13 days, Double GTA dollars and RPs are paid in all special package sales missions, and three times compensation for air race and stunt races are provided.

In addition, when the mode is displayed on the 21st, it is possible to play a inch by-inch before the mode is circulated or completed the command and challenge of VIP.

In addition, the members included in the LS Meeting Series Lace in the second place in the second consecutive consecutive year are gained by Calancaliko GTF. In the testing track, the performance of the vehicle such as the Porter Gramler, Bafeed Dominator GTT can be tested first.

In addition, the executive office, the special package warehouse, the hydraulic device, and various movement means, and the like can be used at a significantly discharged price for this week.

More details on GTA online can be found on the homepage.