Riot credential LOL E Sports Global General Naz Alleetha installation

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[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Riot Games announced on the 12th that Naz Alletha was appointed Naz Aleta and the League Obreel e sports global general.

Global e-Sports Partnership and Business Development The League of Legend E Sports Global Over Legend E Sports Global.

Alleta Ulta General has established and realized the vision, strategy, and roadmaps of League Obrale e-sports, and at the same time as 12 regional leagues and League Obrale World Championships, Mid Season Invechihai, and All-Star Game.

He also decides the direction of League of Legend e sports and promotes the direction of the fan, and the E-sports fan experience is to manage the E-Sports Fan experience and finishes a financial sustainable e-sports ecosystem.

Alleuta has contributed to his strategic business development skills and leadership, and the Lieza E-sports s high-speed growth and e-sports are one of the one-sized sports entertainment of the e-sports.

So far, Louis, MasterCard, Verizon, Mercedes-Benz, Boss, Unilever, Red Bull, Sporty, YouTube, Tweet, Cisco, Amazon, Coca-Cola, State Palm, etc. Leading the industry and industry Partnerships have played a key role in raising the Riot Games s e-sports business to normal orbits.

Alleuta, she serves to communicate with other officials in the sponsor, media partners, destinations, and other residents in a new position called League of Legend e Sports Global General. It is expected to play a central role in in-house cooperation to promote business associated with E sports, games and entertainment content of increasing riot games.

John Neede Riot Games Global E Sports General, Alleeta, has been a member of the executive, as a member of executives, including eight years, including eight years of development, including the Essential Games, Considering the enthusiasm of League Obres and Fans, Partners, and Players as well as enemy insights, Alleetha s overall is the perfect talent to lead to 10 years of the next 10 years of League Obrale e sports.

Aleta Harbor, League Obe Carrier E Sports is the result of passion to pour out a lot of passion. From Riot Games Employees, the League of League Obe Carrier community, of course, as well as the most important fan, is an ambitious vision I made a reality, It is honored to be honored to be a member of the community for many years. The future of sports is E-sport and is very pleased to be a chance to contribute to the future, he said.