Neat Microphone King Bee II XLR will be launched in November

Neat Microphone develops high quality USB and analog microphones for players, streamers and casual users. Neat Microphone and Turtle Beach Corporation, a leader in the video game devices and a company known for its high quality equipment, including helmets, have used their advanced technology and announced that the XLR King Bee II microphone is now available for pre-order. The microphone will be released in the United States on November 16 and will be launched in the United Kingdom and in Europe shortly after November 19th.

The King Bee II XLR of Neat Microphone will be available for $ 169.99 USD and interested persons can pre-order the microphone with participating retailers, including Amazon, American Music Supply, Sweetwater and Zsounds. The King Bee II XLR is the successor of the King Bee XLR microphone and the company hopes to maintain its high quality.

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The King Bee II offers a ton of features, including superior sound quality for all instruments and voices, a powerful design and a 34 mm gold-sprayed capacitor cap cap that certainly distinguishes it from the crowd. The microphone can be used by content and music creators.

JUERGEN STARK, CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation, noted the quality of the microphone by declaring: King Bee Original has played a key role in creating the Neat brand. As a brand new flagship microphone of Neat, The King of Bees II again plays an important role while we enter the global multi-billion microphone market with our last high performance microphone with a price which can not be ignored.

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Source: Press release