Filtration would have revealed new details about Spider

The recent PlayStation Showcase 2021 brought many surprises and among them we have Marvel s Spider-Man 2 . This next title of Insomniac Games will not be available until 2023, however, a recent filtration has revealed several interesting details that could or may not be true.

SPIDER-MAN PS4 – Full Gameplay Walkthrough / No Commentary 【1080p HD / Full Game】
Via reddit , a supposed employee of insomniac games that is currently working on this game revealed that in the missions you can choose to play as Peter Parker or Miles Morales. That character that is not controlled By the player will remain in the hands of the AI, so there would be no cooperative mode.

Similarly, it ensures that the speed of transfer with the cobwebs has been duplicated, thanks to SSD of the PlayStation 5 that allows you to load areas of the map much faster. This insider mentions that you can expect a system of Web Slinging similar to the game of MILES MORALES.

Finally, he said that Mysterio and Lagarto will be others of the Villains of the game, although Kraven the hunter and Venom will be the main ones. Likewise, he said that we will see several other things as happened in the first game, both of Villains and heroes belonging to this universe.

Editor s Note: Although I would like all this to be true, remember that this type of rumors always come to light in extremely anticipated games, but at the end of the day not all are true. We will have to wait until 2023 to know how true this information was.

Via: Comicbook