2021 Tutorial Fluorus Probabilized Item Problem

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[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24 Moon Young – Soo] Fluidized Flower, Democratic Party, pointed out five days of the Fair Trade Commission (hereinafter referred to as the Fairbook) on probability item problems.

The FTC has announced on the provision of information on the provision of information on the product in the e-commerce such as e-commerce such as e-commerce, etc., which mandates the release of probabilistic items in December 2019, but the part in the actual revised notice has been deleted.

At that time, the process of the information provided to consumers and the risk of being lowered by the convenience is lower than the present ▲ uniform regulations, which is difficult to obtain a particularly difficult to have a real information, This difficult point ▲ The Ministry of Culture, Athletic Tourism is a Game Industry Promotion Act , and if the criteria of this Act and the criteria are deployed, the standards and notifications can cause operator confusion, they deleted the probability item portion in the notice amendment.

Last year, at the Fairy Corporation Auditor, the United States has granted to point out that the four reasons of the process are not appropriate and to protect consumer protection. The Chairman of the Supreme Course reported that he would review multipurgical reviews to the query of the nursery and the discipline through existing regulations.

However, it is not possible to find the efforts of the Fair Trade Commission to improve the issue in addition to the investigation of the controversial Nexon, which was controversial due to the doubt of probabilistic items so far.

The United States is also reporting that the Korean Gaming Policy Authority (GSOK) is a probability item autonomous regulation, but it has not been impaired.

Because the type of probability items sold by the game companies, there are many types of games, but they will have a large proportion to the game sales, because they will be able to disclose the probability information of any probabilistic item, This is because there is no implication in receiving a self-regulated compliance mark without disclosing the configuration information of high probabilized items.

Even if you do not participate in autonomous regulation, the disadvantage is virtually involved in the game. GSOK discloses a list of autonomous regulations, but there is no disadvantage in addition to the disclosure, and the game users do not trust the regulation of self-regulations, so it is difficult to see that it is disadvantageous to be inconsistent.

It is also concerned that the competitiveness of Korean games has been gradually declining in the global market, between the BM (business model), which is a business model (business model) of this probability item.

Flowered members said, If you do not force the definition of probabilistic items and the scope of configuration, the fundamental problem is that the fundamental problem was unrecordable, but it is late, but now it s been late, the fairness is now for the fixed for consumer protection, I have to play an active role, such as provisioning policy grounds.