The authors of the next spider

During the past PlayStation Showcase took place the official announcement of Spider-Man 2 exclusively for PS5 , the sequel to the game based on the trepamuros that will bring together Peter Parker and Miles Morales . Now, we know new details about the intentions of the game, and their responsible ones compare with Star Wars . Attention.

In the podcast This Week in Marvel was Bill Rosemann, the creative vice president of the factory of dreams , where he spoke of the intentions he has the editor with the Insomniac Games project. And he went to a cinematographic comparison that can serve us to have a better idea of ​​what we will expect.

If the first game of Spider-Man was like Star Wars, Spider-Man 2 is a kind of our own The Couple Empire. It will be a little darker than the original , says Rosemann. Something that we could already intuit with the presence of Venom, who appears at the end of the presentation trailer.

The two protagonists must join to fight with Venom, and it seems that everything will be more crude and less cheerful and colorful than the original game and the DLC starred by thousands of Morales, who accompanied PS5 at its launch.

It will also be dark Marvel s Wolverine, who will arrive later and that the creative of the publisher has not wanted to leave many clues, beyond that they will give information as the premiere approaches. At the moment, you have to be patient, especially if we think that Marvel s Spider-Man 2 will arrive at 2023 .