Donkey Kong to USJ Super Nintendo World Sli ring new area planned for 2024

Donkey Kong is a video clip game franchise developed by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981, it stars an ape called Donkey Kong who, along with his clan of other apes and apes beats a range of humanlike opponents. Mostly against the Kremlings, a clan of crocodiles led by King K. Rool that usually steals their banana stockpile. The franchise is composed primarily of platforming video games, in addition to spin-offs of various genres.
The first video game was the 1981 gallery video game Donkey Kong, that featured the homonymous personality as the opponent in an industrial building setup. The title was a substantial success and also was complied with by two follows up released in 1982 as well as 1983. It was also where the personalities of both Donkey Kong and also Mario debuted.
The franchise is mainly a series of side-scrolling system video games, while the original game titles being single-screen platform activity puzzle. Gamings outside these 2 genres include rhythm video games such as Donkey Konga, competing video games such as Diddy Kong Competing, and edutainment such as Donkey Kong Jr.
Math. An icon of the Donkey Kong franchise is barrels, which the Kongs make use of as tools, vehicles, furniture, as well as accommodations.
As of March 2021, the Donkey Kong franchise has sold over 65 million duplicates worldwide.

Nintendo extends Super Nintendo World of Universal Studios Japan and announced that Donkey Kong will be scheduled to be open in 2024 in the new area of ​​the theme.

The new area appeared adjacent to the current area (Mario world). A green jungle spreads, and says that Donkey Kong comes to a spectacular area that can experience the world of Donkey Kong , such as a coaster type ride attraction, food and drinking experience. As the area expansion, the area of ​​ Super Nintendo World is also expanded by about 1.7 times.

The new area plans to complete and open in 2024. With the current Super Nintendo World , we aim to provide the experience of the universal studio technology and imagination, Nintendo s creativity fusion, including Nintendo Representative Director Fellow, Miyamoto Miyamoto. .

■ President of You Es Jay CEO J. L. Bonier Comments
Super Nintendo World created theme park entertainment at a completely new level and was exciting for many guests in the blink and became an essential experience. While holding a vision of reproducing Nintendo characters and stories in a real world, we continue to promote this project together with Nintendo. A new area with Donkey Kong is more attractive to Super Nintendo World and can deliver more super excitement experiences to guests. Please look forward to it.

■ Representative director of Nintendo Fellow, Miyamoto Shigeru Comment
Following the World of Mario, the Donkey Kong world also has a chest to be able to make a real form! With the excellent staff of Universal Studios, we are preparing a slight thrilling experience of Donkey Kong . I will have a little more time until completion, but I would like to create a unique experience area that can be enjoyed by those who have never played this series.