Blue Protocol is determined by PC version of PC version Formally named Azure Rule

Red Heart Pepper is now announced to obtain Japan s PC online RPG RPG game BLUE Protocol in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China Azure rule .

The Azure Rule is the original work made by Bandai Namco Online and the Bandai Namco Studios Joint Project Team Project Skyblue , the artistic visual production, and the animation film drawing module creates a delicate character dynamic, which makes people like It is located in the animation world.

After the RPG game story woke up from the player in the maze, they found that they were in a strange place. The only name in the mind was only in the mind, and then the girl who was being chased by the monster Philipte , and signed with her The servant contract, from this player, in the fantasy world of Regrenas Planet , in the fantasy world of Regrenas Planet , with a loss of remembering adventurers.

In addition to allowing players to freely create personal adventure roles, they can also share the strokes with partners, experience the pleasure of side by side, and the rich story and the huge drama branch, also brought to the adventures. Many surprised.

Red Heart Chili said that in addition to the Azure Rule cooperation, the current preparation of the Bandai Namco Online is also conducting another well-known classic IP PC online RPG game, detailed information will be disclosed in the future.