IT magnifying glass The gaze to the Lineage W

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] The disappointment of Blade & Soul 2 is a disappointment for Blade & Soul 2 . Lineage M revenue model (BM) is noteworthy that NCsoft received a criticism of NCsoft to show any breakthrough.

According to the game industry on the 23rd, Lineage W is a blade and Soul 2 (less than half 2), which started service, and the grenade is given to the grenade. It is said that it is adversely affected by Lineage W, which is disappointed after 2.

But 2 is the formal subsequent of Blade Anne Soul , one of NCsoft s signage online games, but it has been a disappointing public opinion, with the fact that it is a formal subsequent Blade & Soul , . NCsoft stock prices, which exceeded $ 1 million in the year, are recently collapsed to 600,000 won. Even if you have to steadily improve the game and buy treasury stocks and buy treasury stocks, the share price is not blocked.

As the controversy persists, Kim Tae-jin, NCsoft was treasing changes. He said, The external response surrounding the Enchanes, and the criticism of NCC, he said. I said, he said.

Lineage W is a title that is released immediately after two controversy. If Lineage W also introduces BM with a BM that replied Lineage M like block 2, the public opinion surrounding NCsoft may be more aggravated.

Lineapple with a teaser page last August Lineage W is a title that is being developed under the goal of Lineage s 3Dization and Globalization of Lineage. It is different from that of the existing lineage that it can battle against users around the world. This game provides a multi-platform service in full 3D-based quaternaries, global circle, mobile, PC, console and implement real-time artificial intelligence (AI) translations for the global community.

The maximum interest is the rise in Lineage W. BM is likely to be released in the second online showcase in the second online show. NCsoft will have time to answer the questions that the user registered by the user in this day. Users can register questions through the Advance Question participation menu of official homepage from 6:00 pm on the 24th.

The company exhibits Lineage W in the Tokyo Game Show in Japan s largest game exhibition, which is held in the end of this month. NCsoft has participated in the Tokyo Games Show in 2004 since 2004. From 4:00 pm on October 3, we will continue to broadcast online live broadcasting from 4:00 pm, and will release the detailed content of Lineau W.

Meanwhile, it is pointed out that the security of the game strategy is also necessary. Kim Hak-joon Kiwoom Securities Researchers said, MMORPG, which is a top game in the domestic market, has made BM for high-cost billing users, which simplifies the content, and it has configured content in the center of the battle, and This direction raises the phenomenon to increase the fatigue. The phenomenon was limited to the castle.