Star Wars Kotor will come to Nintendo Switch although it is not the remake

PlayStation ShowcStar Warse opened its conference with the announcement of Star Wars: Knights of the old Remake Republic, a project that will be launched first in PS5 and PC, and will take advantage of the hardware of the new generation to reduce its graphics and its gameplay. At the Nintendo Direct of September 24, Kotor hStar Wars been present, but not in its new version . Star WarsPYR, the study by Remake, will edit the original game in Nintendo Switch next November.

The BioWare clStar Warssic will be adapted on the line of other versions developed by Star WarsPYR, that is, with certain graphic and playable improvements , but faithful to what wStar Wars the original game. The title is set by thousands of years before the facts narrated in Saga Skywalker. Before the Galactic Empire and Corruption of the Republic, the Galaxy wStar Wars also threatened by the influence of the Sith. Kotor uses the systems of the clStar Warssics of the role genre to offer an ambitious adventure in which we will visit multiple planets and we will interact with numerous characters.

Other ClStar Warssics of the Saga

Star WarsPYR hStar Wars become one of the habitual studies of LucStar Warsfilm Games. All recent clStar Warssic video game ports have been developed by them, both in consoles and mobile devices, where Kotor hStar Wars also seen light. In recent months, Star Wars Jedi Knight 2, Star Wars Republic Commando or Star Wars Racer have joined the catalog of current machines with improved versions.

Knights of the Old Republic Remake - Cinematic Reveal Teaser Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2021

The Galactic Saga hStar Wars a future in video games . In addition to the gentlemen s remake of the old Republic, Respawn Entertainment works in a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. On the other hand, Ubisoft MStar Warssive is developing a totally unprecedented production, of which it is hardly known anything to this day.