Trends of Logan Paul after the Momoland DDR session with Tommyinnit

Sometimes, the universe brings together things that I would never have expected to see. In a new Vlog, Tommyinnit and Wilbur Soot explored London, where time passed with Logan Paul. While the three enjoyed several views, the most important moment of the video shows Logan Paul dancing to the rhythm of Momoland s BBOOM in revolution of dance dance . It is a combination that the spectators did not expect to see at all, and took Logan Paul and Momoland to be a tendency in social networks, since the fanatics of these very different things ran to make known their feelings. Some simply were surprised to see him, while others were disappointed to discover that this is what Momoland was trend.

Did you be surprised to see Logan Paul play? Evolution of dance dance ? Are you a fan of Momoland «BBOOM»? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Keep reading to discover what fans say about Logan Paul!

Clearly, this was most of the vlog.

Logan and Tommy dancing Boom Boom of Momoland What ??? THAT???

  • Rice (@alliumpetals) September 20, 2021

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Well, a new Matrix movie will come out.

Logan Paul dancing to the rhythm of Momoland!?!? Yes, this simulation broke

  • Militant neighborhood Reveluv (@yerimthot) September 20, 2021

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For others, this was a perfect combination.

As a fan of Momoland and Tommyinnit fan … yes

  • Imogen¹²⁷ ☀️ D-505 (◠‿◠) ⁶⁶ (@Fullsunarchive) September 19, 2021