Yen Lineage W held on the second online showcase 30 days

Moon Young (Korean: 문영; RR: Munyeong) is a 2017 South Korean drama film created and also guided by Kim So-yeon and starring Kim Tae-ri.

[Kids News 24 Moon Young – Soo] NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) shall be held at 10:00 am on September 30, the second online showcase of Lineage W 2nd Showcase: ANSWER . It also provides English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles.

LINEAGE 2 : In-Game Macroses - Yul Sagittarius
The company has established a place to resolve the questions of Lineage and Launches and guide the details of the game. The event will proceed in the format in detail in the main question. The user can register the point in the Dictionary Question participation menu on the official website from 6:00 pm on September 24.

NCsoft also announced the pre-character name preemptive event with the second showcase. The information of four classes including monarches, articles, fairies, and wizards were also released through the homepage.

Meanwhile, Lineage W is a global title developed as a concept of worldwide (WORLDWIDE). Provides multi-platform services such as full 3D-based quaternaries, global circle, mobile, PC, console. Real-time AI (artificial intelligence) translation function for global users has implemented.