Kim Hyunte s new work Action with a beautiful girl in the ruined land ADV latest video and others Weekly span 9 10

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From the article published in Game SPARK on September 10, 2021 to September 16, 2021 (Thu), we will introduce the top 5 this week Gem Spa Canking , abbreviated Weekly sparan time. I want to make a week for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

This week, PlayStation ShowCase 2021 was also held and new information in many big titles appeared. The trailer of each game released this time has already been a wide range of hundreds of millions of thousand to millions of events. Let s check it right now, such a week!

5th- Micla Aiming to reproduce the whole galaxy system of Star Wars

The Reddit user s Vistachess has completed Tatueen and Corsanto with the aim of reproducing the whole silver system of the movie Star Wars at the Sandbox Game Game Games. In the published video, Anakin has spent a childhood, the state of the desert of the Tatuein and reproduced that race venue. Vibrant planet Corsant, which is the center of the galaxy, can also be seen as a symbol of iconic high-rise buildings. The work of about one year has been released on his reddit and YouTube. Furthermore, free distribution of map data is also conducted.

A stranger aiming at Star Wars in Mine Craft Create Tatueen and Corsant

4th-Membrane Demon Hunter 2D Action Remastered Edition, Delivery Start

Delivery of BloDrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites , which is a remastered version of 2D action BloDrayne Betrayal released in 2011, has been started. An isolated vampire hunter, a semi-absorbed rain rains, and the last mission of her last mission is a book to challenge to kill her father Keigan. Wayforward, which also handles the Shanti series, is in charge of remastering, and the new difficulty option is also introduced, such as changing to the up to 4K resolution and the cast of the original BloDrayne and the introduction of new difficulty options. .

Remake Humbered Humber ACT BloDrayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites Delivery started!

3rd-New Momi Girl Action ADV, Beautiful Section and Developer Interview

New 3D Action Project Eve by Developer Shift UP, who has also called a topic in PlayStation ShowCase 2021 the other day. An interview with the development of this work development team at the official site has been released, and the screenshots with a beautiful world view were also shown. This work is a single player s action adventure depicting a girl who travels to save humanity on the Earth that is being developed for PS5, and the adventure of her friends. In the interview published this time, five developers in this work answer questions about system, design, animation elements and development team environments, atmosphere, etc.

Star Wars: The Old Republic -

Pretty Action ADV Project Eve Super beautiful screenshot and developer interview published

2- Project Eve latest gameplay trailer released

The topic of the beautiful girl action adventure Project Eve introduced earlier, ranked again. Developer Shift UP has published a new game play trailer in this work at PlayStation Showcase 2021 held by Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan on September 10. This video that supports 4K resolution is a battling with a huge and spooky enemy and the situation of various facilities. Finally, a mysterious girl dressed in Armor has also appeared.

Dried Beautiful Girl Action ADV Project Eve Latest Game Play Trailer! 【PLAYSTATION SHOWCASE 2021】

1st place- Kuni-kun series 35th anniversary work, character information and disclosure release

The top article of this week who gives a difference between the number 2 times in the second place is a complete new work Kuni-kun commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Kuni-kun series It s a three kingdoms of all! On the topic of Arc System Works updated the teaser site and released screenshots and character information. This work was released in NES in 1991, It is a drama of all the time of everyone. A work that has a flow of The Han Dishi period is the stage of the end of Han, and the main character will be a protagonist of Hachamechapeachy comedy action.

Latest work It s a three kingdoms of Kun. All together! Character information and screenshots are released!

This week s first place is PLAYSTATION SHOWCASE 2021 topic of PLAYSTATION SHOWCASE 2021 and It is a three kingdoms of Kuni-kun. In the article of There are many readers who have no eyes on the Gem Spa, aren t the result. And two also ranked as the same game Project Eve . The director and character design of this work is also known as Blade and Seoul and Destiny Child and Destiny Child , and at the moment the relocation date is already increasing.