Expedition Rome Overview of the tactics

Also expeditions: Rome has been presented closer to the THQ Nordic Showcase by the developers (Logic Artists). Creative Director Jonas Waever and Lead Producer Sonat Ozturk give a taste of the combat system, the Roman world and the decision-making options in the following video.

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In the tactic role-playing game one controls a legate whose father was murdered by an unknown political opponent. Therefore, one flees from Rome and plunges into a military campaign to the suppression of a Greek rebellion to build a better reputation and win new familiar. Step by step, one increases its military capabilities, becomes stronger in the fight and gives himself respect in the Roman Empire. After the first story campaign in Greece, there will be two more campaigns in North Africa and Gaul – and in between it always goes back to Rome. By the way: You will not only be able to create and play a male main character, even a legate is an option. The decision for a female figure should not only make the possibilities for romances completely upside down, the developers meant online presentation of the game.

Expedition: Rome has historical roots, but the true story is a bit bent . Also, the timeframe of the events (about 75 BC – 40 BC) is somewhat more compact combined and span the game about ten years. So Gaius Julius Caesar will take his farewell to his farewell in the game and the main character can move roughly or loosely in his tracks. THQ describes it as a history of the brand What if Caesar would not have played a role in Caesar. However, the other historical conditions should be complied with. So it s a history of Caesar with its own character, in which one must always make decisions that not only affect the character itself, but also his companions, his Legion and ultimately quite Rome.

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