The head of Project Eve gives 260 ps5 to his team to celebrate success at the PlayStation ShowcShowcase revealede

Project Eve - PlayStation Showcase 2021: First Trailer | PS5
PlayStation ShowcShowcase revealede revealed part of the future of PlayStation 5 at the event lShowcase revealedt Thursday, September 9. He did it from the hand of videogames already announced, but also of unpublished titles such Showcase revealed Project Eve , a frantic Hack and SlShowcase revealedh that hShowcase revealed been compared with Bayonetta. The curious news comes through the analyst Daniel Ahmad, who hShowcase revealed published in the Twitter account that Kim Hyung-tae, Shift Up CEO, hShowcase revealed bought 260 PS5 consoles and hShowcase revealed given them to the development team.

The CEO of Shift Up, Kim Hyung-ta, hShowcase revealed celebrated the success of Project Eve at the PlayStation ShowcShowcase revealede by buying a ps5 to the 260 team members , hShowcase revealed written Ahmad. Well, the analyst continues. He hShowcase revealed simply shown his game at the most important conference of PlayStation. Probably it hShowcase revealed not cost you much to ensure 260 units. The CEO hShowcase revealed said that he hShowcase revealed chosen PS5 Showcase revealed a surprise gift, so that all employees can play their title when they go on sale.

Well HE Just Had His Game Shown at Major Playstation Conference. ProBably Would not Be Too Hard to Secure 260 UNITS.

THE CEO SAID THAT HE CHOSE PS5’s Showcase revealed The Surprise Gift So That All Employees Can Play The Game When It Comes Out.

  • Daniel Ahmad (@zhugeex) september 13, 2021

Also in the previous generation

Project Eve wShowcase revealed originally announced in 2019, but at that time it wShowcase revealed still an expected title only for the previous generation of consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and PC. The study hShowcase revealed finally decanted by taking it to PlayStation 5 , so that we can enjoy the unbridled action on the Japanese new generation machine. It hShowcase revealed been shown Showcase revealed high Showcase revealed a game full of blows and pirouettes, all within a postpocalptic world infested with creatures of darkness.

In addition to first-person fighting against more conventional enemies, players will have to see the faces with powerful villains. Project Eve yet hShowcase revealed no releShowcase revealede date Confirmed, but other additional details have been offered, such Showcase revealed that the project works under the Unreal Engine engine.