China Game Publisher Neteauase Game Development Project Credit Covered Canceling

Hong Kong needs more than an advertising campaign to restore its image
China 2 Games Publisher NeteauaSE September 2002 reports China domestic studios and game development projects, and Hong Kong Media South China Morning Post (SCMP) has been reported.

According to the person covered by SCMP, a programmer, designer, designer, creative artist, such as programmers, designers, creative artists, etc. are originally removed from the original business, and in and outside NetAese It was said to look for work. There is no employee who was officially dismissed.

It has limited net game usage of minors by China’s institution NPPA to monitor games and online media, and delayed the approval of new game with Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays at night from 8:00 It is considered to be affected.

For these regulations, China’s major Games Company companies are chased by adding new features of play time limit to the game, allowing minual E-SPORTS players to join the tournament.