A ps5 free for the 260 employees of the project Project Eve as a reward for his good work

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In the last PlayStation Showcase was present in more detail the ambitious action game and adventures called Project Eve , that many reminded us of the saga bayonetta. As a surprise, and to reward the arduous work of the Approximately 260 employees of the Korean study, The Director of the Title has given a PlayStation 5 console to each member of his staff.

Come on, who have almost taken all the stock of the new generation console of PlayStation.

Eve Project, A Next Success?

It was the Insider Daniel Ahmad who reported the news on Twitter. The Niko Partners analyst taught images of the office with the PS5 of The 260 employees of Shift Up. In fact, the consoles were purchased by Kim Hyung Tae , the director of the study, and it seems that already He had booked them for some time to prepare his surprise. Let’s see if the mgg boss takes note …

He was planned for PS4, Xbox and PC, the recent conference was an opportunity for SHIFT UP to confirm the release of Project Eve at PlayStation 5 as well. By offering a PS5 to each of him, Kim wanted to make sure that each of them could play it in the best conditions.

In case you are clueless, Project Eve is a game of action and adventures set in the near future, where the devastated land is plagued by unknown enemies. As the powerful Eve heroine, you will need to find allies during your adventure. With impressive graphics and a spectacular gameplay among its main bass. Although the title, unfortunately, still has no launch date.

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