Thor in God of War Ragnarok opens an intense debate between the PlayStation fans what do you think of their design

Last PlayStation Showcase brought us many novelties and surprises about the future ps4 and ps5 releases, including the first Gameplay video of God of War Ragnarok, expected Sequel to Kratos Adventures by Nordic Lands . Next to the trailer, some of the new designs were revealed for both the protagonists and the villains, and among them he highlighted that of the imposing God of Thunder, Thor .

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We wanted to deepen a little more at Eric Williams mythology The design of which will be one of the Great Villains of the game is far from that which has accustomed us lately the MARVEL cinematographic universe , with a hyper-completed hero played by the sculptural Chris Hemsworth . Its creators have spoken about the design in GameInformer and describe it as a Great Warrior, huge and intimidating, someone who in Eric Williams’ words would be like a big child . Williams put the feeling that high and large people transmit when you have them before, confessed that many times they feel like a human wall , with Thor’s design seek to transmit that same feeling but with a God.

For Williams, the idea for God’s design was that he saw himself as someone with a great presence, but also of a childhood nature , that of someone who feels like a child , someone who has not matured This approach is born from the character’s own construction as a divine being and the incredible power that is supposed, Someone with such power, who can do everything that is pleased, is never going to grow, it is not necessary, it just does what He wants, explained Williams. The character, in the original version of him, will be played by Ryan Hurst, one of the characters of children of anarchy and The Walking Dead.

The design of the character quickly raised controversy in social networks , with some users disappointed by an aspect that did not feel that someone is adjusted strong and powerful , usually represented by huge muscles like the That does look kratos. There were also numerous comparisons with the version of the god of thunder of Marvel , in addition to those who defended that the design shown in God of War better represented the lifestyle of a character that mythology portrays as someone drinker and Jueguista .

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In 3DGEGOS We would like to know what the appearance of Thor said Santa Monica has presented, if you liked the approach that has given the character or if on the contrary, you expected something very different. Is the design of right God of War Ragnarok in his Thor’s representation? In our section of readers you always think you have a voice and vote.