260 ps5 consoles on a blow Project Eve

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Fans of action role games were served during the PlayStation Showcases with PS5 image material by Project Eve: A coal-four-minute trailer set the final world as well as struggles in scene. For the CEO of the Developer Team of Shift Up, this was obviously a reason to celebrate. All employees received a hot coveted gift.

PS5 gifts for the whole team

That’s what: Placing a new trailer in the PlayStation Showcase can be celebrated as a studio in different ways: for example, with champagne – or with a PlayStation 5 for all employees. The Director of Shift Up, the Developer Team Behind the Action-RPG Project Eve, chose the second, rather unusual variant.

THOUSANDS of Eve Online players just got SCREWED OVER by ONE GUY!
Daniel Ahmad, Analyst at Niko Partners and Industry insiders, posted on Twitter a picture of an office in which on each desk chair is an original box of the console and writes:

The Shift Up-CEO Hyung-Tae Kim celebrated the successful presentation of Project Eve at PlayStation Showcase with the purchase of a PS5 for each of its 260 employees.

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260 PS5 at a time: Fans then asked how the developer has succeeded in coming to so many consoles, while the PS5 is still in short supply. Daniel Ahmad replies:

Well, his game was shown just with an important PlayStation Conference. It’s probably not too hard to secure 260 copies. The CEO has said that he chose the PS5 as a surprise gift for all employees to make the game can play when it comes out.

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Jump to PlayStation 5: Project Eve was initially announced in 2019 for the last console generation, so PS4 and Xbox One. During the showcase, however, a PS5 version was presented. With the PS5 as a gift, all can play from the Team Project Eve.

This is the said trailer that Shift Up has shown on the PlayStation Showcase:

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That awaits you at Project Eve

Project Eve plays in an end-time world, located in the non-distant future. People were distributed by invaders named NA: tives of the earth and – you may already suspect it – is your task to recapture them.

In doing so, it slips into the role of EVE, the survivors of a paratrooper troop. The gameplay shown and also remember games like Bayonetta, Nier or Devil May Cry. However, a release date does not have a release date yet.

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