God of War Ragnarok will replicate the great GOW sequence of PS4 and this is the reason

This PlayStation Showcase left us the first trailer of God of War Ragnarok, and with him many hopes, some unknowns and a promising villain. On him we talked about our YouTube channel, where you have available video with our impressions after the trailer of the new Kratos adventure . The game will close the arc of Nordic mythology in this new delivery, traveling by nine kingdoms while we face Freya and the god of thunder .

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The 2018 God of War supposed a break with the saga in many ways , from the approach Narrative of Kratos, who delves into his feelings as a father, until the gameplay, which bets for a more paused game , away from the Hack and Slash style with which he was born and one closest camera that is located after the character. This staging led one of the most characteristic elements of this delivery, the use of the One-Shot camera .

Keeping you together at all times, as if you were there with them Eric Williams at 3DGEGOS we have been able to talk to Eric Williams , the new Director of God of War and with Cory Barlog , Responsible for the restart of the saga and we have asked about the use of the famous Chamber of the God of War. The game was presented as a single sequence that advances without cuts throughout the game, from the menu to the credits. This technical filigree was one of the seals of Cory Barlog, which he acknowledged having tried to apply on more than one occasion without success. When Barlog was in Crystal Dynamics, he raised this type of take for the Tomb Raider’s reboot, but from the study they refused, resembling them a madness .

He also tried it in the passage of him by Avalanche Studios, pretending to apply it in the development of Mad Max , but he also found a refusal by response. He finally carried out in God of War and supposed a whole technical feat , but with the arrival of Ragnarok we did not know if the new director would replicate this personal style. Williams has confirmed us that the sequence-plane style will remain , confessing to be a lover of that camera.

The you keep together the world at all times. You know, it makes you feel like you are there with them. You know, and I think many games. Sometimes you feel disconnected, Eric Williams told us.

Cory Barlog For the part of him, he told us that he knew that Eric Williams and his team were really creative people and from which he expects to see some things that take another level what is being done . Williams confirmed that had something else of what had been seen at the previous sequence, but he joked that at the moment is all he needed to know. God of War Ragnarok will reach PS4 and PS5 along 2022 , which is already being positioned as one of the best years of video games.