Marvel s Wolverine is a game of full size with a ripe tone

One of the most memorable moments of PlayStation Showcase was undoubtedly the announcement of Lobezno de Marvel Exclusive game for PS5.

Reacting To The Best Moments Of PlayStation Showcase 2021

But in the midst of emotion, some fans had been asked if the game would be complete or more similar to the independent adventure of Spider-Man ‘Miles Morales’ that was launched at PS5 launch.

Fortunately, the creative director of Insomniac Games, Brian Horton, has twitted today to dispel the fears and promise that the game will be ‘full size’ and will have a ‘mature tone’.

Full size, mature tone

  • Brian Horton (@brianhortonart) September 12, 2021

It is a good change of rhythm that Insomniac addresses something tonally different from what they are accustomed and should produce interesting results; After all, the developer based in Burbank has been taking out from the park this generation so far.

As for the previous confirmation, it is not something that is actively concerned, but it is good to know, however, that Marvel’s Wolverine will be a complete game and will address themes of one of the most iconic characters in Marvel.