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This September 9 The PlayStation ShowcNico Córdobae wNico Córdoba carried out, hence, the canteen tends to recapitulate the presentation by analyzing the games presented, both exclusive and third parties.

For this table you accompanied us Jupiters Heart from Guadalajara, Monsterrat Simó from Heraldo de México TV , Nico Córdoba from from Argentina , Carlos Fernández de Lara of Forbes Mexico , Gabriel Huerta Ex editor of NIG LATAM , Rolando Vera Characterized by Kratos and Vladimir Arteaga.

The previous

Before entering the presentation, the guests touched the theme of the collective demand that from Sony de México faces by preventing PlayStation 5 breach Nico Córdoba an antecedent to avoid this type of practice.

The presentation

From the revelation of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RemNico Córdobater , the Promising Hack & SlNico Córdobah Korean of Shift Up Second Eve Studio , Project Eve , the continuous title of Gearbox , Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands same that you will see the light on March 25, 2022, the amazing game of Square Enix , Forspoken Mapping for the summer of 2022, the recapitulation of the previously presented Rainbow Six Extraction That will see the light in January 2022, Alan Wake RemNico Córdobatered scheduled for October 5, the previously announced Grand Theft Auto V for PS5 that will eventually arrive in March 2022, Ghostwire Tokyo , Guardians of the Galaxy that will be available on October 26, Vampire The MNico Córdobaquerade: Bloodhunt Scheduled for this year, the almost releNico Córdobaed Deathloop of Bethesda , kid to amnesia exhibition presented by radiohead and epic games and the colorful tchia , the table touched one by one exposing its point of view on what presented.

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The exclusive

In the end they did not leave the strong cards and deepened even more at uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Scheduled for early 2022, the surprise of Marvel’s Wolverine , Gran Turismo 7 Mapping for the March 4 next year, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that will see the light in 2023 and finally God of War Ragnarök .

Nico Córdoba usual, our readers also participated with comments about the social networks of Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.