War gaming World of Warship 6th Anniversary Update

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-soo] Wogiming (Representative Victor Keysley) announced on September 9 that the 6th anniversary of the launch of the Maritime Combat online game ‘World of Warship’ is the 6th anniversary of the 6th anniversary.

First, the 6th anniversary collection of World of Warships consisting of 60 items is added. Each item can be obtained in the 6th anniversary of the World of Warship.

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The user can complete the set of special combat missions or use a new temporary event ‘Control Institute’ or a festival token using a festival token. If you complete the collection, you will be provided with a compensation of 1 luxury, 6 presents, 6 weeks of gift dissemination, and the World of Warship 6th anniversary flag.

In addition, the battle results of the festival theme can be obtained by the warship in five steps. If you win or earn a basic experience, you will be paid by advanced cargo, new temporary resource festival token, and gift supply cargo.

The Netherlands cruiser from step 10 to step 10 is added to the research system. The Netherlands cruiser is characterized by the high maneuverability and the explicit rate and the new armed type, which is a new armed type, from 6 steps.

A new temporary combat type ‘Bonda’ is also added to escort or seize the transportation. The defense team must escape to reach the destination of the minimum transport of 4 bot warships, and the attack team must deposit all transport or all defense teams.