Spider Man 2 for PS5 Trailer reveals Venom and another villain

The PlayStation Showcase 2021 is over and offers some news to play for PS5 and PS4. Especially with her Playstation Game Studios Sony gave up really gas. One of the highlights was the announcement of Insomniacs Spider-Man 2. Although the trailer does not show too many important characters yet, but the throw some questions shown.

Heroes and villains in a double pack

At the beginning we see Peter Parker and Miles Morales in action. Both heroes get their own intro, then beat some opponents together. There are various co-pop moves to see, which probably should create into the game.

These are the bad guys: Then we hear a voice challenging our two superheroes. The community is pretty sure this is Kraven the Hunter. But not enough. Kraven gets support from a second villain: Venom.

What role does Venom play in Spider-Man 2? While Kraven is likely to act as a clear villain, the role of Venom could be a little more complex. The trailer is extremely ambiguous. Venom speaks of we , but whom does he mean? And Kraven, and the two spider men or himself (the parasites) and his host (who was revealed at the end of the DLCs to Spider-Man)?

Venom as an ally: That Miles and Peter must compete against Venom is very likely. However, it falls on that the beast in the trailer has its own logo intro. So Venom closes the two heroes at some point? Combo moves with Spider-Man and Venom, that would be something. And maybe we can even play Venom yourself, who knows.

In the trailer you see the two superheroes and the appearance of Venom:

Spider-Man 2 currently has no concrete publication date yet. The publication is planned for 2023. The title is definitely for the PS5, whether a PS4 version is in progress, has not been revealed yet.

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Correct gameplay there was not to see Spider-Man 2, but at least the trailer was in in-engine. For Insomniac’s second Marvel project, however, there was only a short CGI trailer. Currently there is hardly aware of the Wolverine game, but fans hope that, of course, Logan can explore an open-world.

Would you like to jump through Manhattan as Venom?