Never approve the change and slow approval Tencent Netease and other China online stock price price rebound

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The stock price of China’s mainland online stock prices in Hong Kong rebounded this morning because the English Nanhua Morning Post has been amended by a report that is not conducive to these companies. The English Nanhua Morning Post reported yesterday before the Hong Kong stock assembly, the Beijing authorities decided to temporarily not approve the online stock price, reporting Tencent and other online stock prices, the stock price of Tencent and other online stock prices is in a hurry, and panic is selling in a short time. Tencent’s share price was frustrated by 8.48% yesterday. Each share was closed at HK $ 480, and another large online stock price network is more than 11.03%, and it is received for 133.9 yuan. However, the latest changes in the South Ball website are the latest changes to the China Regulatory Department just slow approval online stock prices . It is not previously said unappledge , this correction makes Tencent and Netease’s online stock price stocks rebound this morning. As at 9:50 in the morning, Tencent’s share price was 492.6 yuan, up 2.62%; NetEase stock price increased by 2.53%, and reported 137.3 yuan. However, market analysts generally believe that in the Beijing authorities, the prospects of online stock price companies are still unknown in the Beijing authorities, and the prospects of online stock prices are still unknown. The stock price will still fluctuate.