Guardians of the Galaxy Story backgrounds and action packed scenes from the PlayStation

The Guardians of the Galaxy also had an appearance in video form as yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase – an amazingly action-rich story trailer, in which some attacks and escape maneuvers can be assessed. The game will be released on October 26, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Switch (only as a streamed cloud version) and PC (via Steam and Epic Games Store).

The German Playstation Blog flanks the reporting with narrative backgrounds to the action adventure of Square Enix. Social Media & Community Manager Sacha RMTohul from the developer Eidos Montreal leads out there:

Our story plays twelve years after a epic conflict as a galactic war is swept through the cosmos. Star-Lord has recently founded the Guardians of the Galaxy, they are less than a year together. He applies her as rental heroes, because He fades adventure and profit – in a universe, which is still recovering from the war .

Unfortunately, at the beginning of our game, you start a chain of catastrophic events, through which a large organization that calls itself universal church of truth gets greater importance and slowly becomes a threat to the universe. They want to spread their so-called promise in the galaxy, which, according to their statement, brings everything back, which has been lost in the galactic war. In fact, that’s pretty suspicious.

When the Guardians encounter the extent of the power of the church, they realize that they need to be active because no one else does. You are a small team that just summarizes, so you will need a lot of allies on the go. Here Cosmo comes into play, one of the really entertaining characters in our game. He is a dog and also an extremely strong Telepath, which he could rise to the safety chief of Knowhere.

Knowhere sure and in operation, is more than a job for Cosmo, and he feels responsible for the persons living on the station. The church is obviously a threat to the safety of Knowhere, so he will help the Guardians to find out more about them and the source of their power.

At her adventure, the Guardians also meet the Nova Corps, a space militia, which preserves peace in the galaxy. It is led by the Worldmind, a huge supercomputer consisting of the consciousness and memories of the civilization of Xandar. The Guardians soon find out that it is not as easy as expected to move the WorldMind to help them …

You may also see you in the trailer that Star-Lords Elementary Blaster turns into. They are something very special and connected to him and his DNA. In the course of the story he recognizes that he can transform the blaster through this connection to his needs – which allows different elements to be unlocked in combat and exploration to your benefit.

When traveling through the galaxy, Guardians meet numerous interesting character such as Mantis Alias’s heavenly Madonna of our universe, Kammy, a mysterious space alpaca, and many more.

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