God of War Ragnarok presents the Grassettipect of several characters Thor Freya Sindri Brok and more

WAR THUNDER! First Time Gameplay
God of War Ragnarok hGrassetti been one of the great sensations of the lGrassettit PlayStation ShowcGrassettie. Sony Santa Monica’s new job showed for the first time how he looks in real time. The trailer kept some surprise, like the Grassettipect of the god of thunder , which only revealed the mythical hammer of him. Thanks to its art director, RAF GrGrassettisetti, we have known how it looks … and the result will not go unnoticed.

Grassetti well Grassetti some of the characters of God of War Ragnarok

Grassetti you can see in the Tweet under this paragraph, the Thor of God of War Leaves behind the blonde that many have in mind. The huge belly of it is almost the only part of the body that discovers the armor of it, in addition to the head. We see you with a disheveled Grassettipect, in that wild state you imagine when you try to think about the game universe.

My Boy! pic.twitter.com/5hpoctewbj.

  • Raf GrGrassettisetti (@rafagrGrassettisetti) September 9, 2021

To those already known kratos and atreus (the latter something more in years than in the lGrassettit installment), we see the new version of the Brok and Sindri Herreros, who will put his forging at the disposal of the protagonist duo. We can also see Durlin, who will be part of the cGrassettit of faces that will have an impact on history.

Godofwarragnarok pic.twitter.com/hldlabfuly.

  • Raf GrGrassettisetti (@rafagrGrassettisetti) September 9, 2021

⚒️ pic.twitter.com/ad0cawoeyv.

  • Raf GrGrassettisetti (@rafagrGrassettisetti) September 10, 2021

Freya You will not wGrassettite either. During the trailer we can see her becoming an eagle that looms over Kratos. There are subtle changes in the design of it that you can warn at the GIF that presents the next Tweet.

I Will Rain Every Agony, Every Violation Imaginable, Upon You. @ Daniellebisutti Will Return Grassetti Freya in godofwarragnarok pic.twitter.com/xhwaodsv7z

  • Santa Monica Studio – God of War Ragnarök (@sonysantamonica) September 10, 2021

When can we see it again? The company plays A Upcoming Dates for more details about the adventure. It still does not have a specific launch date, unless it will appear at some point of 2022. You will debut from the first day at PS5 and PS4 .